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How to Stay Safe Online When Traveling

As we enter the holiday season you may have some travel plans approaching. Although you may not have your computer with you, you may need to stay connected to work by utilizing your cell phone. There are various ways in which you can travel while maintaining your safety online during your vacations this season.

Review Your Settings

Ensure that you have the correct privacy and security settings enabled. Look into changing various settings such as location tracking and who you are sharing your information with.

Limit the number of devices you are bringing

When traveling with more devices you are more susceptible to a variety of risks. To avoid cyber crimes, loss of devices, and other concerns it is a good idea to limit the number of devices you are bringing with you during your travels. 

Turn on Automatic Updates

Prior to your travels be sure to turn on automatic updates to ensure software and security features are up-to-date.

Avoid Public/ Unsecured WiFi Networks

Do not enter any personal information, make payments, or enter passwords on public or unsecured WiFi networks. When possible, secure WiFi to keep your information protected.

Disable Automatic Connecting

In order to ensure you are not automatically connecting to public or unprotected networks, it is a good idea to turn off bluetooth to avoid connecting to devices and networks that you are not intending to connect to.

Utilize Find My Phone

Turn on “Find My Phone” to keep track of your device. This will allow you to easily find your device if it is misplaced or stolen. 

It is important to follow these easy tips in order to stay safe during this busy holiday season, see resources below for more information.


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