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5 Tips for Network Security in 2017: Part 3

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In our latest I HATE IT eblast, we asked the question “What is your internet usage policy for your business?”

Once you decide what you want to allow and what you would like to block, work with your IT Security Team to set up categories.

With our security solution, we have the following options.

  1. Block IP addresses from foreign countries that you do not recognize as a necessity.
  2. Stop applications, as well as websites. Someone who has a laptop can go home and download a BitTorrent client then come to work and get out to the internet. BitTorrent applications should never be allowed on a business network. Once installed, they don’t typically use a standard website and still need to be blocked.
  3. Use an ad blocker to stop the pop up ads, which often allow users to get thrown off track.
  4. Determine if you want an allowed internet usage time or bandwidth allocation limit. Once you are out, you are out.
  5. Use traffic shaping to limit the amount of bandwidth someone can use to watch Netflix at lunch.
  6. Setup website blocks for both secure sites with HTTPS and HTTP. Prevent these by category and get rid of the rest.
  7. Segment your network. Don’t allow a user with an iPhone to be on the same network as your data servers.

The firewall you use is very important to the protection of your network. A properly tuned firewall with all of these features goes a long way to stop the bad guys.

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