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For those who are unaware.

The CLOUD is just someone else’s computer. Truly. That is just it.

The hardware is the same, just located “somewhere else”.

There are many perks to The Cloud however, there are also downfalls.

One of which being Human Error.

Back at the tail end of February 2017, Amazon’s Web Services (their Cloud) went down for 4 hours. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides back-end services for a number of slightly smaller sites, such as Nextflix, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, and Spotify. Not all of AWS’ users were affected however a part of them were. To make matters more complicated, Amazon’s own network health dashboard was inaccessable since the dashboard itself was hosted on the down devices.

The cause of this downtime: a typo.

Things happen and we are only human. One of the challenges of being in the cloud is that you are teathered to the provider’s response time. Compare that to a local server on your site which is managed by us. 4 Hours of Downtime vs. Minutes of Downtime (depending on the issue).

If you have any questions about the cloud- reach out to us!

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