Success Stories: Conference Room Woes

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A client of ours wanted to create a web-conferencing environment in their office. They had previously evaluated solutions from other AV companies, however, the pricing was a bit too much. They came to IRIS to see what we could offer and we started the process with…..

Information Gathering

If we were any other business, IRIS could have quoted out a complex conferencing set up which may or may not have worked for the client and installed it without much thought.
But we are not that type of company.

We discussed the objectives of the project and the three main components

  1. Video/Audio
  2. Connection
  3. Programs to use

For Audio and Video we asked the following: How many people need to be seen during the video conferencing? Are you ok with using a phone and then screen sharing as well? Where would you like to have the mic?

For the Connection we asked: Do you want to use the internet to connect from your device to the TV?

And lastly, what program do you want to use for video conferencing. Literally. There are hundreds of ways to do this. Skype is easy and uses the internet for a broadcast method. Lifesize and Bluejeans are similar, however, just a bit “bigger” than Skype, etc.

Asking these types of questions helps us really get down to the client’s objectives. Education is important to us and we feel if our clients know more about what is out there in the tech world – the better off their business will be. And the happier they will be with the solution once it is bought, paid for, installed, and used.

The client is still deciding, however, we are here to answer any and all questions along the way. That’s how IRIS Solutions supports the business as a whole – not just the technology.

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