Perks of a Monitored and Managed Network

Proactive maintenance is key for any business. Seeing the value of it can be hard since it’s not something you can put your hands on, but when it comes to uptime and a Business Continuity plan, a monitored and managed network can save you thousands of dollars in downtime costs.

Here are 7 of the alerts we receive regarding our managed clients:

  1. Backup Error Alert
  2. NAS Warnings
  3. Low Disk Space
  4. Bad HDD in server
  5. Network Device Down
  6. Power Supply Failure Detected
  7. Event Alerts

Ok. So what? You get these alerts.

What these alerts allow us to do are two things.

Some of these alerts can be fixed by scripts we have tagged to the issues. They are “simple” in nature and we are able to assign the computer to run a certain script or action to fix the issue. These are deemed “self-healing”.

The other alerts call for an IRIS Solutions tech to act. This could be an action remotely or it could mean that a tech is being dispatched to go on site immediately. In the instance of a “Bad HDD in server”, this is an example of when a hard drive goes bad on a server. We are able to catch that via our alert system and are typically already on the way to that office before our client even notices there is an issue.

All of this is in an effort to reduce downtime.

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