Have you met Ian yet?

IRIS Solutions has continued to grow and add on team members to assist our clients with their technology needs and overall support.

We are welcoming Ian Cauble to the IRIS Solutions Team.

Ian is a Network Admin II Technician, a family man, and a mustang aficionado.

He has a history of network engineering along with a long list of certifications CCENT & CCNA from Cisco, A+ | Network+ | Server+ Certifications from CompTIA, Microsoft Certifications and can identify the make and year of a Mustang within a few mere seconds.

His even keeled, laid back personality allows him to be a fantastic listener and his ability to translate high tech talk for non-technical people (like myself) is unmatched.

Did I mention he loves Mustangs?

When Ian is out of the office, he is either with his lovely wife and kids or at the Ford dealership evaluating the latest 2017 Mustang GT350.

IF you ever need to talk with Ian, call us at 704-523-3877.

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