Cell Phone Security

Every cellphone is hackable.
What are you doing to mitigate the risk?
Here are steps that we recommend to protect yourself and your data.

It’s time to think about the vulnerabilities that are within the tiny super computer in your pocket. There is more technology in that small device than was in the space craft that took man to the moon. Check out this video from 60 Minutes and follow these simple steps to reduce your risk.

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  1. Be aware. The greatest weakness is human nature. Don’t be gullible. Question the email from a company you do not recognize with the .zip file. Question any text from an unknown person with a link leading to somewhere unknown.
    The biggest security risk in any environment is YOU. Yes I know you love your phone and click on anything but users are always the biggest security risk. We are too curious to turn down clicking on attachments. However, don’t unless you are sure it is legit.
  2. Know what you are downloading. Don’t download suspicious applications.
  3. Protect your passwords. Don’t give out your password to anyone. Observe best practice for passwords, keep them strong and change them often and they are your passwords for a reason. Keep them safe.
  4. Continue to update the operating system on your phone as they do provide security updates for a reason.
  5. Lastly, become suspicious about people/posts/application, do not trust what you don’t know about and assume that, like the video said, “everything is hackable.”

If you have questions regarding your data security- reach out to IRIS Solutions.

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