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Cutting Edge vs. Proven

We all like technology, however you don’t have the get the latest and greatest items.  If you have ever been an early adopter of the latest software for your business or even the latest Microsoft product, you know new does not mean better.

The “cutting edge” is a term we use for things which are just released.  The “proven edge” is more a mainstream product choice. A good example of this was when the first HDTV was released.  I saw my first HDTV in 1999, however the mainstream TV providers, such as satellite or cable, did not release HD channels until many years later.

If you learn to control your tech urges and work along the proven edge, you will find you are spending less money on tech gear and, most importantly, you will spend less time with incompatible technology.

Forget you. I want the gadgets!

Still not convinced? Me neither.  I can talk about it but I have a hard time resisting cutting edge technology, as well.

Here are the top tech gadgets in Summer 2016.

A Word to the Wise

Let’s say you go out, get these devices, and love them.  Make sure you are making your life easier, not more difficult.  No matter how much I consult with clients on technology, I have to reinforce the idea technology will only help if you understand the limitations and each different item adds more complexity.

If you are willing to use your smartphone for all of these things and then one day you have to replace your phone and set them all back up again, just remember, you asked for it.  I am not saying to start sending letters via snail mail, however understand your personal limitations and the limitations of the technology that you choose.

Good luck and Geek OUT!!

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