7 Features in Office 2016 That Will Enhance Your Life

In the short time I have been using Office 2016 I decided to find these new features on my own.  

  1. The single item I have found that I like the most is the ability to add recent documents to an email.  Prior to Office 2016 here was my process:
    1. Save a document in a directory that I choose.
    2. Open a new email, put in the recipient, subject, and content, and hit the “attachment” button.
    3. Click “browse” to the directory, find the file, and hit “select.”

    Office 2016 eliminates steps 2 & 3.  The “attach” button pulls down your most recent files.  Yes, I know this is trivial, but it was very helpful for me.

  2. Clutter– This tool allows you to clean up your inbox.  Have you read the message?  Left it in your inbox?  Clutter will move and store this in a different location.
  3. Outlook Groups– These allow you to keep group messages or same content messages in a single folder.  If you turn on groups you can use this to store instead of the dreaded search features.
  4. Search– Search allows you to search a word or phrase to the internet from any one of the Office applications.  You do not have to break out a separate browser window to look up something in a search engine.
  5. Excel Visualization– This feature allows for much more dynamic charts and graphs in Excel.  If you use pivot tables, you will love this.
  6. Real-Time Editing– If you are using O365 and opening a document online, you can now share this without having a read-only copy at your screen.  Microsoft had to do this because Google has had this for years, but a great feature for sure.
  7. Tell Me– This feature has been named several things in the past but now it is called “Tell Me.”  Prior to this, we would use this to find out how to do something.  Now this feature does it for you.  If you want to increase the font size, type it here and it will go.  

Time to Upgrade

The features in Office 2013 were worth the upgrade.  If you have not used the conversation portion of Outlook 2013, you must do this.  If not, you are losing time, and losing time is not a good way to produce better results.

Office 2016 is a good upgrade.  I wish the search feature was improved, but there is always the next version.

If you are thinking, “what will this cost?” I would challenge you to turn this around.  Ask yourself how much you would save if you can save just 15 minutes per day by using these new features.  Now is that more than an Office 365 subscription for $12 per month?

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